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Human Hair bespoke wigs and pieces, which are hand-knotted, lightweight, cool and comfortable.
‘Custom Made’ is a term used to describe all products, which are made bespoke to client’s individual requirements. Each piece is designed uniquely for you through a consultation process and is hand madeto your specified design.
As the items are bespoke the type of product available as Custom Made are not just full head systems but also includes partial systems.
Custom Made pieces are the perfect solution for those with long-term hair loss.
The design and production process takes app 10 –12 weeks which means it is not suitable for short term requirements
For those affected with long term hair loss Custom Made pieces ensure you can live your life the way you want: sleep, shower, and play active sports in confidence with Trendco's bespoke systems.
This service is unique to you and during the initial consultation all your specific requirements are discussed allowing a personalised Dermalite to be designed and created for you.
First a template is taken of the scalp to give the base dimensions ensuring a perfect fit. And from there everything is designed to suit you: The volume, texture, straight, wavy, curly. A choice of type of hair. Hair length.
Direction, full fringe no fringe side fringe and partings.
Choice of colour which can be au natural so natural it could be your own.
Graduated colour, highlights, low-lights.
All this design stage takes place during the consultation.
The complete template is then sent to be skilfully hand made.
The hair it self is premium quality and is available in different types and grades.
To suit all individual needs.
It can be styled for any occasion as necessary and offers real freedom to the wearer.
Once made to specification the last stage is cutting and styling.
For more information regarding the Dermalite and other Human Hair products
E-mail or phone Jennie.

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